Surviving Abolition

No one tells you that abolition is a lonely fight against not only powerful institutions but your own carceral impulses as well.

(CN: Sexual Assault)
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The Diversity and Inclusion Industry Has Lost Its Way

As news comes of the Royal family's desire to hire a Diversity and Inclusion consultant, Kim Tran explores how the industry is at a crossroads and if it could find its roots again.

Voices from Queer Asian North America

This new edition of Q & A is neither a sequel nor an update, but an entirely new work borne out of the progressive political and cultural advances of the queer experiences of Asian North American communities.

An Invitation to Agonize

In this issue, Kim Tran shares her story of being born and raised in the Bay Area, doing diversity consulting for over a decade, and trying to make sense of what it all means, now that she works in tech.


Trans Women Are Still Being Held in Men's Prisons. Is Changing That Enough?

A California bill would require that incarcerated trans people be able to choose whether they are housed among men or women.

More Queer than Gay, ‘The Half of It’ is Wholly Necessary

The Half of It’ explores identity without rigid or explicit definitions that are all too common in queer and Asian media.

Transformative Justice, Explained

In August, a nationwide campaign began in American prisons. Between August 21 and September 9, inmates across the country protested the inhumane treatment they regularly face.

This Mother’s Day, volunteers are paying to get moms out of jail with the #BlackMamaBailOut campaign

For the last 16 months, Amanda Leigh Lawson has organized volunteers to cover the cost of cash bail at New York’s jails for those awaiting trial.

Support Grows in California for Safe Injections Sites

On a sunny morning in July, San Francisco Board of Supervisors President London Breed addressed a group of doctors, service providers, researchers, and community members about drug addiction and overdose.

‘My Neighbors Would Look at Me Like an Alien’: Women of Gentrification

Places like my hometown of San Jose, and nearby Oakland and San Francisco, have been hit hard by the tech industry.

These New Startups Are Aiming to Fix the Sharing Economy’s Discrimination Problem

Companies like Innclusive are hoping to create a community where users can "travel with respect, dignity, and love, regardless of race, sexual orientation, [or] gender identity.